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Pre-Built Templates

Build environments instantly with pre-configured templates from Microsoft, SAP, Linux and VMware experts. 

Upload, Download and Version your Lab

Upload your lab environment to CloudShare for tests, copies and integrations.  Bring it back down to earth when you want to work offline.  

Snapshots Save your Assets

Save your entire system while you work.  With multiple snapshots, you can version your entire infrastructure so a clean build is always ready.

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CloudShare is the only service that delivers pre-built development and testing environments that spin up on-demand, save while you work and rebuild in seconds.

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The Only On-Demand Labs

Integrations, connections, extensions, refactoring.  Sometimes, some things fall apart.

In CloudShare, that's ok.  Snapshot as you work and CloudShare's elastic infrastructure will scale with you.  Leave the lab work to us and let the experiments begin.


“Access this environment just like you were accessing your physical desktop.  You don't have to worry about any requirements except an internet browser.”

Asif Rehmani

Founder & CEO, Visual SP

Lab Environments at your Command